Monthly BCS Cash Quads!

//Monthly BCS Cash Quads!
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Face Masks are required during your USCF game! Hand Sanitizer will be offered.  Covid Vaccinations as well as Covid Vaccine records are required. No food in the Tournament hall.

Players will be divided into groups of 4 by rating, or, if no rating, then by Age.
First place in each group will Receive $80! (winner take all!)
3 rounds Total. Rounds are

1pm, Round 2 as soon as round 1 finishes, Round 3 as soon as Round 2 finishes

G/30 with a 15 second increment

All Tournament players must be USCF members.

Boards, Sets, and Clocks will be provided by BCS

BCS Cash Quads August 20th               EXPRESS REGISTRATION

BCS Cash Quads September 17th         EXPRESS REGISTRATION

BCS Cash Quads October 15th               EXPRESS REGISTRATION

BCS Cash Quads November 19th         EXPRESS REGISTRATION

BCS Cash Quads December 17th          EXPRESS REGISTRATION