Glasscoe Weekender Anti Swiss!

//Glasscoe Weekender Anti Swiss!
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  • An Adult 5 round Swiss Style Tournament with Cash Prizes.
  • This tournament is suitable for all Adults and Children with USCF ratings of over 1,000.
  • 3 day Tournament!: 
    • 3 day schedule: Friday 7:20pm, Saturday 11am, 4pm, Sunday 12pm, 4:30pm G/90 30 second Increment
    • 2 day schedule: Saturday 11 am, 1:30pm (rounds 1, and 2 G/60 5 sec Delay), and 4 pm  Sunday 12pm, and 4:30pm G/90 30 second Increment.
  • 3 sections available: Major 2000+ (Fide Rated), Under 2000, and Under 1600
  • $50 early-bird registration. Late registration price is $60, after Feb 5th.
  • must be rated over 1800 Uscf to join the Major section.
  • Pairings will be Glasscoe Pairings. Pairing Rules1) no player can play the same player twice2) Tournament Director will try to pair those within the same score group whenever possible.

    3) No player can have 3 blacks in a row.

    4)Players will be paired as CLOSE to their rating as possible.. so you will always play other players within your score group that are right next to you on the standings and close to your rating.

    5)Weikel odd man pairings will be used whenever players are floated up (they will be floated up to the next score group then paired with Glasscoe Pairings within that score group)

    6) Play up fee will be reduced by 50% (since playing up is not as worthwhile as normal)

    7)Pairings are unfair to those who are the highest rated in their group as they are guaranteed to have the toughest schedule of any player (but that is just how Glasscoe pairings work)

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