The Berkeley Chess School offers a Wednesday evening advanced chess class in Piedmont from 5:30 to 7:00pm every week. 

The format will be a half hour lecture by instructor Stephen Shaughnessy, followed by a USCF-rated tournament game with a time control of G25/d5 (meaning each player has 25 minutes to complete their moves plus 5 extra seconds per move).  All ages welcome, although the lectures will be geared towards experienced players of strength 500-1500 USCF.

Stephen Shaughnessy has taught chess classes in Piedmont schools for over a decade and has created this class to allow Piedmont residents a place to play rated games and expand their chess skills.  Prizes for each Six-week tournament will be determined by how many people participate. Children and adults are welcome to enroll in this class.

Piedmont Wednesday Spring One

March 1st – April 5th

 5:30pm -7:00pm $150.00 Early Bird 6 week session 


Piedmont Wednesday Spring Two

April 19th – May 31st

 5;30pm -7:00pm $175.00 Early Bird 7 week session