BCS holds weekly chess tournaments during the academic school year and camp programs, including a large, all-girls tournament. We also facilitate our students’ participation in annual statewide competitions. Our weekly competitions draw up to 100 players, and up to 80 BCS students attend statewide competition attracting over 1,500 competitors. Tournaments provide the motivation that encourages students to master their games. They develop focus and concentration, celebrate wins, learn from losses, and build confidence in their own abilities. Many say that tournaments are their favorite aspect of the program, because it gives them an opportunity to test and showcase their skills in front of teachers, peers and parents.

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Calchess Girls State Championship May 2nd-3rd Sat-Sun $40 EXPRESS REGISTRATION
San Ramon Quad May 2nd Sat $30 EXPRESS REGISTRATION
Berkeley Elementary Team Championship May 9th Sat $25 EXPRESS REGISTRATION
Berkeley Quad May 23rd Sat $30 EXPRESS REGISTRATION
Walnut Creek Quad May 30th Sat $30 EXPRESS REGISTRATION
San Ramon Quad June 6th Sat $30 EXPRESS REGISTRATION
Berkeley Quad June 20th Sat $30 EXPRESS REGISTRATION