Calchess State Championship $20,000 Prize fund 70% Guaranteed!

//Calchess State Championship $20,000 Prize fund 70% Guaranteed!
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$20,000 Prize fund Based off of 250 Players 70% Guaranteed


   Master: 2200+(Fide Rated) $2,500:$1,500:$800;$300;$200


  U2200: $1,500;$1,000;$600;$200

  U2000: $1,200;$900;$500;$200

  U1800: $1,200;$900;$500;$200

  U1600: $1,200;$900;$500;$200

  U1400: $1,000;$500;$300;$100


Trophy Cup to the winner of the Master Section!, Small Trophy to the winner of other sections. (1st place only, Modified Median Tie Break will be used)

   Unrated may not win more than $300 in any section except Master.

Players who have been more than 100 points above the section limit within the last year will be moved up to the next section(Play up fee is waived). Players who have no USCF rating, but have a Fide. Fide +50 will be used as an USCF rating.

CCA Minimum ratings will be used if applicable.

          Entry Fee $125.00 Late fee $20 after 08/28, Play Up Fee $40, Re Entry into 2 day Schedule $60

  GM’s, IM’s, WGM’s, WIM’s Free entry (entry fee will be deducted from any winnings)

   $5 discount if a current Cal Chess member.

 Time Control 3 day schedule: G/120 with a 30 Second Increment.

  Rounds: Sat: 11am, 5pm.

                Sun: 11am, 5pm.

Mon:(Labor Day) 10am, 3:30pm

  2 day schedule: rounds 1-3 G/61;d5

                Sun: 9:30am, 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm

 Mon: (Labor Day) 10am, 3:30pm

   USCF membership is required. You can purchase one here if needed. ($1 discount)