Support Berkeley Chess School with a Corporate Matching Donation. See a list of local companies with employee donation programs. If your company has a program, please let us know.

Support our Outreach Programs. Your donation will help us offer the benefits of chess to economically disadvantaged children in Oakland and Richmond Title I elementary schools. Make a gift here.

Donate to BCS. Funds will go towards our Capital Campaign, our general fund or our programs for underserved youth. Make a gift here.

Planned Giving. BCS offers a variety of ways to make a lasting legacy to the Berkeley Chess School. You can make a gift to the Berkeley Chess School through your will or living trust

  • for a specific amount
  • as a percentage of your estate
  • for the residue, or a percentage of the residue, of your estate after all other gifts to loved ones have been made.

Any financial arrangement that allows you to name a beneficiary can be repurposed to benefit the Berkeley Chess School with all or part of its remaining value, including:

  • retirement plans
  • bank and brokerage accounts
  • commercial annuities
  • donor advised funds

To make a gift to the Berkeley Chess School, or name BCS as a beneficiary, all that is needed is our legal name, address, and federal tax identification number:

Berkeley Chess School
2622 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702
EIN: 94-3225242

Here is some sample language for your attorney:

I give [_____% of my estate] [the residue of my estate] [_____% of the residue of my estate] [$______________] to the Berkeley Chess School (BCS), a 501c3, nonprofit charitable organization, located at 1845 Berkeley Way, Berkeley.

For information or assistance on making other kinds of charitable donations with immediate tax or income benefits, including gifts of stock, mutual funds, or real estate, or for help establishing a gift annuity, please contact our development department at

Thank you for your support!

Corporate Sponsorships. Give the children in your community an enriching experience! Contact us today about program donations, challenge grants or matching funds for our programs for underserved youth, our tournaments or our capital campaign.