Calchess State Championship $20,000 Prize fund 75% Guaranteed!

//Calchess State Championship $20,000 Prize fund 75% Guaranteed!
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$20,000 Prize fund Based off of 250 Players 75% Guaranteed


   Master: 2200+(Fide Rated) $2,500:$1,500:$800;$300;$200


  U2200: $1,500;$1,000;$600;$200

  U2000: $1,200;$900;$500;$200

  U1800: $1,200;$900;$500;$200

  U1600: $1,200;$900;$500;$200

  U1400: $1,000;$500;$300;$100


   Unrated may not win more than $300 in any section except Master.

CCA Minimum ratings will be used if applicable.

          Entry Fee $125.00 Late fee $20 after 08/29, Play Up Fee $40, Re Entry into 2 day Schedule $60

  GM’s, IM’s, WGM’s, WIM’s Free entry (entry fee will be deducted from any winnings)

   $5 discount if a current Cal Chess member.

 Time Control 3 day schedule: G/120 with a 30 Second Increment.

  Rounds: Sat: 11am, 5pm.

                Sun: 11am, 5pm.

Mon:(Labor Day) 10am, 3:30pm

  2 day schedule: rounds 1-3 G/61;d5

                Sun: 9:30am, 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm

 Mon: (Labor Day) 10am, 3:30pm

   USCF membership is required. You can purchase one here if needed. ($1 discount)