Calchess Senior State Championship

//Calchess Senior State Championship
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         Berkeley Chess School 2622 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

FIDE Rated!

Calchess Senior State Championship

Winner will be the Norcal Representative for the  Irwin National Tournament of Senior State Champions

1. All players must be 50 years of age or older.

2. Face coverings are optional.

3. The tournament shall be played in accordance with FIDE and
USCF rules.

4. Game forfeited after 30 minutes in the event of a no-show.

3 Day Schedule

Round 1: Friday 7pm

Round 2: Saturday 11:00 am

Round 3: Saturday 4 pm

Round 4: Sunday 12pm

Round 5: Sunday 4:30pm

2 Day Schedule

Round 1: Saturday 11:00 am

Round 2: Saturday 1:30 pm

Round 3: Saturday 4 pm

Round 4: Sunday 12pm

Round 5: Sunday 4:30pm

2 day Time control (Rounds 1-2) G/60 with a 5 second delay

3 day Time Control G/90 with a 30 Second Increment.

Fide Rated

All Players must be over 50 years of age to play

Sections Merge after round 2,There are prizes for Rating Sections and age sections.

Round 5 pairings may be altered to create a head on match for Age level Prizes.

One Player is allowed only a maximum of 1 prize! (One player may not win both an Under Rating, Prize and an age Prize. He/She will only recieve ONE of those prizes. Whichever is larger)

GMs/IMs/FMs may play without paying an entry fee, however Entry Fee will be deducted from any winnings.

1st: $500

2nd: $250

Best U2000: $150 Best U1600: $150 Best U1200: $150

Best Age 60+ $100 Best Age 70+ $100 Best Age 80+ $100

2024 Calchess Senior Champion IM Timothy Taylor