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December 16 @ 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

          2023 BCC Championship

IM Elliott Winslow. 2022 BCC Champion with a perfect 7/7 score!

Start Date: 7:00pm Friday, October 27th (Registration closes at 6:50pm.)

Location: 2622 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, Ca

Tournament Format: Eight rounds, one game every Friday at 7pm.
Rounds: Oct 27th, Nov 10th, 17th, 24th, Dec 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd

No round Nov 3rd due to the 2023 U.S. Senior Women’s Chess Championship

Please note BCC Championship round 4 is Thanksgiving weekend. If you cannot attend please let the Tournament director know at your earliest convenience, and confirm that you have a H for round 4 in the standings

Fee: $80
GM’s, IM’s, and NMs free.
(Entry fee deducted from winnings.)

Time Control: G/90, 30 second increment.  If a player is more than 30 minutes late, their game will be forfeited.

Tournament is USCF rated.

Prize fund: $1,000.00
1st Place $400: 2nd Place $200
1st U2000 $155: 1st U1800 $145: 1st U1600  $100.

To play in the adult Friday night tournament a player must be an adult, or a minor 13 years of age or older or if under 13 years, have at least a 1300 rating. 


“Nobody ever won a game by resigning!” Ralph Nagel vs Frisco Del Rosario Round 1. Here white resigned, but white could have gained an advantage by playing the next two moves accurately!

Experience vs Youth! Berkeley Chess Club’s Youngest Member Jayden Xu (10 years old) battling it out against our most experienced Member Alan Glasscoe. In this Game Experience beat youth!

Max number of half point byes: 3

Half point byes are available for rounds 1-7 (maximum three)

Number of rounds in tourney: 8
Byes for round 7 must be selected before round one and are irrevocable.

Bye note: No half point byes for the final round!

USCF: Tournament will follow USCF rules. USCF membership must be current through the end of the tournament. Do you need to renew your USCF Membership? Renew here!

Current Pairings

Current Standings

SwissSys Standings. Berkeley Club Championship: Open

# Name Rating Post Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Total
1 Kushan Tyagi 2240 2236 W21 (b) W8 (w) D4 (b) H— H—       3.0
2 IM Elliott Winslow 2174 2170 W14 (w) W13 (b) H— D4 (w)         3.0
3 Steven Gaffagan 2058 2040 L15 (b) W25 (w) W11 (b) W22 (w)         3.0
4 Michael Walder 1921 1959 W22 (w) W9 (b) D1 (w) D2 (b)         3.0
5 Frisco Del Rosario 1914 1921 D— W18 (w) D6 (b) W13 (w)         3.0
6 Jonah Busch 1914 1922 W23 (b) W10 (w) D5 (w) H— H—       3.0
7 Thomas F Maser 1900 1908 H— W17 (b) W15 (w) H— H—       3.0
8 Neil Chalissery 1810 1815 W25 (w) L1 (b) W20 (w) H—         2.5
9 Arivoli Tirouvingadame 1645 1657 W24 (b) L4 (w) W14 (b) H—         2.5
10 Mohammad Soltani 1638 1683 W20 (w) L6 (b) W16 (w) H—         2.5
11 Matthew James Kreiser 1488 1591 H— W12 (b) L3 (w) W21 (w)         2.5
12 Mark Gregory Paetz 1772 1739 D18 (b) L11 (w) W17 (w) D16 (b)         2.0
13 Sam Hill 1654 1664 W19 (w) L2 (w) W21 (b) L5 (b)       U— 2.0
14 Max Virgil 1598 1594 L2 (b) X24 L9 (w) W23 (b)       U— 2.0
15 Jossy Chalissery 1585 1637 W3 (w) H— L7 (b) H—         2.0
16 Tobias Stowell 1734 1713 H— H— L10 (b) D12 (w)         1.5
17 Noah Levine 1522 1508 H— L7 (w) L12 (b) X24         1.5
18 Samuel Agdamag 1412 1408 D12 (w) L5 (b) L23 (w) B—         1.5
19 Christopher Sunga 1256 1291 L13 (b) L21 (w) W25 (b) H— H—       1.5
20 Liam Dew unr. 1521 L10 (b) W23 (w) L8 (b) H—       U— 1.5
21 Peter Sherwood 1619 1587 L1 (w) W19 (b) L13 (w) L11 (b)         1.0
22 Carl Nelson 1506 1501 L4 (b) H— H— L3 (b)         1.0
23 Mohammad Reza Asgari 1505 1483 L6 (w) L20 (b) W18 (b) L14 (w)         1.0
24 Avigail Tiomkin 1102 1100 L9 (w) F14 B— F17         1.0
25 Aradhana Arivoli 1443 1407 L8 (b) L3 (b) L19 (w) H—         0.5

Berkeley Chess Club all time winners

The following list is for those that got clear first or tied for first place in any BCC Marathon since the 2007 BCC Grand Re Opening until the end of 2022

1)IM Elliott Winslow 24 wins! (3 in a row!) 3 with a Perfect score 6/6, or 7/7!

2)NM Roger Poehlmann 20 wins!

3)IM Ladia Jirasek 13 wins (5 in a row!) 1 was a Perfect score 6/6!

4) Farid Watson 7 wins

5)NM Todd Rumph 6 wins

6)NM Derek O’Connor: 6 wins

7)Steven Krasnov 5 wins

8) FM Ruiyang Yan 4 wins

9)Greg Lope 4 wins

10)WFM Uyanga Byambaa 4 wins two with perfect 6/6 scores!

11)FM Robin Cunningham 4 wins

12)Salar Jahedi 4 wins

13)2 wins each. , IM Josiah Stearman, NM Michael Lei Wang, Joshua Cao, Ethan Chamberlain, NM Robert Hatarik, David Trestor, Craig Andries, Julian Chan, Thomas Sauerwald


Game Archives

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