BCS Alum GM Sam Shankland advances to the Quarterfinals of Chess World Cup!

With a win over world number 29 GM Peter Svidler yesterday, Sam advances to the 6th Round of the FIDE World Cup! 207 of the world’s strongest grandmasters began this knockout tournament on July 10th, and now Sam is among the last 8 players. He will play GM Karjakin next in the Quarterfinals, GM Shankland [...]

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Congratulations to BCS alumni IM elect Josiah Stearman!!

Congratulations to IM Josiah Stearman!! Josiah Berkeley chess school alumnus, and Coach has earned all 3 of his International Master norms, and has achieved a 2400 Fide rating on Oct 21st after he beat GM Yuniesky Perez (2600) in round 2 of the Spice cup. He has fulfilled all the requirements of the International Master [...]

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BCS wins National Championship!

BCS sent 3 teams to the National Amateur Team West in SFO over Presidents Day Weekend. BCS (Best Chess School), BCS Can we Wu it?, and BCS Sunshine Almond Woodpushers. BCS Can we wu it? was the top ranked team in the 3 day schedule with a 2194 rating average, and BCS (Best Chess School) [...]

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BCS Queens win top Girls Team at Amateur Team West!

BCS Queens sent a team for Amateur Team West over Presidents Day Weekend! The Team consisted of Board 1) Rhianna Lope Board 2) Sanvi Argaarwal Board 3) Avigail Tiomkin Board 4) Carissa Penn The Queens won the first match! they lost the second match (but they lost to the team who won 1st) won the [...]

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GM Sam Shankland exclusive seminars Jan 25th

Sign up for Expert Sign up for Master Grandmaster Sam Shankland will be teaching two exclusive seminars at the Berkeley Chess Center. The first seminar will be on December 14th and the next one on January 25th 2020. GM Sam Shankland is a Berkeley Bishops alumni and we are very happy to have him back [...]

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Grandmaster Sam Shankland lecture and book signing event.

Sign up here! GM Sam Shankland is coming back to Berkeley for a lecture and book signing! In 2018, Sam won the US Chess Champion and reached the elite level by breaking the 2700 (FIDE rating) barrier. He is a mainstay of the US Olympic Team, a two-time Olympiad Gold Medalist (2014 and 2016), and [...]

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ChessKid Special Offer

We are happy to present our partnership with Chesskid.com , the best online chess platform for kids. ChessKid is fun, safe and educational https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxRUm--xlkw With a Gold Membership, your kid will enjoy these features: Unlimited puzzles to solve.Interactive videos that explain opening, strategy principles, calculation techniques and more in a unique way. Play online against [...]

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50 players from all around the Bay Area joined us this past Saturday to compete in our July Quad tournament. For many it was their first time seeing our shiny new Berkeley Chess Center, and we were happy to give them the tour! There were 13 Quads, with several 1200-rated players in the top Quad. [...]

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GM Sam Shankland 2018 US Chess Champion cover story interview

Great Podcast with 2018 US Chess Champion GM Sam Shankland please click below to listen! https://content.blubrry.com/cover_stories_with_chess_life/Chess_Life_Cover_Stories-Episode_16_July_2019.mp3

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Masters love G/45!!

IM John Donaldson won the Monthly G/45 with a perfect 4/4! 1 IM, 1 WGM, and 1 Master showed up for the G/45, and another 3 Titled players played in the Blitz afterward! full standings are below! SwissSys Standings. June G/45: Open #NameRtngPostRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotPrize1IM William Donaldson24102417W9W6W2W44.0100.002WGM Carla Heredia22732271W12W7L1W63.025.003NM Abhishek Mallela22292215W10L4W9W73.025.004Orion Burl12781425W15W3W8L13.075.005Joachim Schuder19081891H---L8W15W112.56Frisco [...]

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