50 players from all around the Bay Area joined us this past Saturday to compete in our July Quad tournament. For many it was their first time seeing our shiny new Berkeley Chess Center, and we were happy to give them the tour!

There were 13 Quads, with several 1200-rated players in the top Quad. Competition was fierce throughout, with many upsets where lower rated players beat higher rated players. Students who had just finished a week of our summer camp had an extra advantage, as they were able to put the skills they learned in camp to good use.

Our next scholastic tournament is our four-round Summer Swiss on August 10th. We hope to see you there! Here is the ¨Best Game¨ and some pictures from this Saturday… Enjoy!

Coach Doyle: “18 games were submitted for best game. I picked this game because of the critical position. Zeke played g5! and after f3! in response, played Qh5! Bxc7? (mistake but understandable as white is in trouble no matter what he plays) gxh4! fxe4 and Bg4! winning the exchange, and after the fireworks he showed good technique to convert the full point.

Trying their best!