Feb 16th we held our Monthly Quads in Berkeley with 32 participants

Quad 1 was won by the top seed Tobias Stowell with a perfect 3/3

Best game was won by Yasmine Waharte.

There is a famous trap in the Kings Gambit that goes 1)e4 e5 2)f4 Bc5 3)fxe5?? Qh5! and game over Black wins. I have seen this almost happen over the board once. I was playing in the 4th Annual Igor Ivanov Open. it was round 1 and IM Emory Tate came up to me laughing, shocked, and couldn’t control his excitement because on Board 5 NM Jeff Phillips (2218) had white vs Ryan Lewis (1090), and this opening happened. 1)e4 e5 2)f4 Nc6 3)fxe5?? (Emory Tate almost fell out of his chair seeing this moved played!) I was intrigued and had to see the next move! after a long think Ryan Lewis played…… Nxe5?? (at this response Emory Tate really did fall out of his chair!) and Ryan went on to lose the game! This Saturday a similar position happened. However Yasmine was very quick to spot the winning tactic and the game!

White to move and win!