BCS teams win overall, team, and side scholastic prizes at US Amateur Team West

The Berkeley Chess School “A” team — NMs Bryon Doyle, Rochelle Wu, Derek Wu; plus BCS instructors Greg Lope and Scott Mason — tied for first place at the US Amateur Team West Championship held Presidents’ Day Weekend in Santa Clara. The BCS Knight Kings — FM Ezra Chambers, NM Derek O’Connor, Isiah Kim, Kevin Yanofsky — won the Top Club prize. A squad of BCS students won an all-girls-team prize in a scholastic side event.
In round 3, the Knight Kings were trailing the Muru the Guru team 2-1, but O’Connor beat NM Ganesh Murugappan to even the match in a masterly example of Black’s dark-square play in the Breyer Variation of the Ruy Lopez.

Lee wins BCS Glasscoe Weekender

WIM Megan Lee won the BCS Glasscoe Weekender held Feb. 8-10 at the BCS house. 
Bryon Doyle directed 45 players under an Swiss System variant in which scoregroups were paired A vs. B, C vs. D, and so on through Y vs. Z, where the usual Swiss pairings would be A vs. N, B vs. O, and so on through M vs. Z. 
Doyle’s survey of the group about the pairing variation was favorable, and he said he’s considering pairing our G/45 and blitz tournaments in March in the same fashion.
13-year-old Alex Shrauger was in a tie for 3rd in the under-2000 group. He’s been successful in BCS Weekenders, with a 1st U2000 (8/18), 2nd U2000 (11/17), and 1st U1600 (9/16).